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[texts]ABC's Of Quantum Mechanics By Rydnik
A MIR publisher's on Quantum Mechanics by Rydnik
Keywords: MIR publishers
Downloads: 93
[texts]ABC's Of Quantum Mechanics By Rydnik
This book will tell you about the origin and development of quantum mechanics, about its new concepts. It will describe how the new theory deciphered the secrets of the structure of atoms, molecules, crystals, atomic nulei, and how quantum mechanics is dealing with the problem of the most fundamental of all properties of matter --the interaction of particles and the relationships between fields and matter.
Keywords: Mir publishers; qunatum; physics
Downloads: 23
[texts]ABC's Of Quantum Mechanics By Rydnik
This book will tell you about the origin and development of quantum mechanics, about its new concepts. It will describe how the new theory deciphered the secrets of the structure of atoms, molecules, crystals, atomic nuclei, and how quantum mechanics is dealing with the problem of the most fundamental of all properties of matter --the interaction of particles and the relationships between fields and matter.
Keywords: Mir publishers; Popular series in ABC of
Downloads: 7
[texts]Physics Of The 20th Century History And Outlook - Mir Publishers, USSR
A book by Mir Publishers, ertswhile USSR. TitlePhysics of the 20th century: history and outlookAuthorE. P. VelikhovTranslated byAlexander RepyevEditionrevisedPublisherMir Publishers, 1987SubjectsScience › Physics
Keywords: Physics; Mir Publishers; Velikhov; Mir; Repyev
Downloads: 223
[texts]Differential and Integral Calculus - N. Piskunov
Differential and Integral Calculus by N. Piskunov This text is designed as a course of mathematics for higher technical schools. It contains many worked examples that illustrate the theoretical material and serve as models for solving problems. The first two chapters "Number. Variable. Function" and "Limit. Continuity of a Function" have been made as short as possible. Some of the questions that are usually discussed in these chapters have been put in the third and subsequent chapters without lo...
Keywords: mathematics; calculus; integral; differential; mir publishers
Downloads: 5,000 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Laser Age In Optics - L. V. Tarasov
L. Tarasov's book "Laser Age in Optics" is a popular science book concerned with new trends in optics arising from development of the laser.L. Tarasov, Cand Sc, who is an Assistant Professor of the chair of Electronics of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Machine Design, also teaches at the Moscow state University. In this book the author successfully combines a popular style of presentation with, when necessary, a serious scientific treatment of the problems involved...
Keywords: mir; laser; tarasov; mir publishers; physics; laser; optics
Downloads: 249
[texts]Algebraic Equations of Arbitrary Degree (Little Mathematics Library) - A. G. Kurosh
This booklet is a revision of the authorâs lecture to high school students taking part in the Mathematics Olympiad at Moscow State University. It gives a review of the results and methods of the general theory of algebraic equations with due regard for the level of knowledge of its readers. No proofs are included in the text since this would have required copying almost half of a university textbook on higher algebra...
Keywords: mathematics; algebra; equations; arbitrary degree; mir publishers; little mathematics library
Downloads: 354
[texts]Basic Laws Of Electromagnetism - I. E. Irodov
The main idea The main idea behind this book is to amalgamate the description of the basic concepts of the theory and the practical methods of solving problems in one book. Therefore, each chapter contains first a description of the theory of the subject being considered (illustrated by concrete examples) and then a set of selected problems with solutions. The problems are closely related to the text and often complement it...
Keywords: electromagnetism, physics; irodov; mir publishers; moscow; physics; mechanics; problems
Downloads: 1,687
[texts]Areas and Logarithms (Little Mathematics Library) - A. I. Markushevich
This book offers a geometric theory of logarithms, in which (natural) logarithms are represented as areas of various geometrical shapes. All the properties of logarithms, as well as their methods of calculation, are then determined from the properties of the areas. The book introduces most simple concepts and properties of integral calculus, without resort to concept of derivative. The book is intended for all lovers of mathematics, particularly school children.
Keywords: mathematics; little mathematics library; logarithms; areas; mir publishers; integral calculus
Downloads: 439
[texts]Calculus Basic Concepts for High Schools - L. V. Tarasov
The whole book is presented as a relatively free-flowingdialogue between the AUTHOR and the READER. From one discussionto another the AUTHOR will lead the inquisitive and receptiveREADER to different notions, ideas, and theorems of calculus,emphasizing especially complicated or delicate aspects, stressing theinner logic of proofs, and attracting the reader's attention to specialpoints. I hope that this form of presentation will help a reader of thebook in learning new definitions such as those o...
Keywords: mathematics; calculus, mir publishers; calculus; high school; mir books
Downloads: 1,748
[texts]Problems In Atomic And Nuclear Physics - I. E. Irodov
This book is intended primarily for students taking general coursesin atomic and nuclear physics. It contains, however, a sufficientlylarge number of problems lying beyond the general course to makeit also useful in the study of some special courses.The volume contains over 1000 problems. The solutions of themost complicated of them are provided with detailed explanation.A brief summary of the basic terms and definitions at the beginningof each chapter also makes the solving easier...
Keywords: irodov; IE irodov; mir publishers; moscow; atomic; nuclear
Downloads: 1,021
[texts]Inequalities (Little Mathematics Library) - P. P. Korovkin
In this booklet the author did not pursue the aim of presenting the basic properties of inequalities and made an attempt only to familiarize students of senior classes with some particularly remarkable inequalities playing an important role in various sections of higher mathematics and with their use for finding the greatest and the least values of quantities and for calculating some limits. The book contains 63 problems, 35 of which are provided with detailed solutions, composing thus its main ...
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; bernoulli inequality; extremal values; holder inequality; inequalities; numbers
Downloads: 415
[texts]Remarkable Curves (Little Mathematics Library) - A. I. Markushevich
Remarkable Curves by A. I. Markushevich in Little Mathematics LibraryAs the title suggests the books takes the reader through various curves and how they can be materialised, just have a look at the table of contents below.  The preface of the book says:This book has been written mainly for high school students, but it will also be helpful to anyone studying on their own whose mathematical education is confined to high school mathematics...
Keywords: mathematics; curves; equations; graphs; locus; exponential; cycloids; little mathematics library; mir publishers
Downloads: 297
[texts]Problems in General Physics - I. E. Irodov.
The book is intended for college undergraduates majoring in Physics. It contains about 2000 problem covering the major areas of Physical science: mechanics, thermodynamics, molecular physics, electrodynamics, oscillations and waves, optics, atomic and nuclear physics. Each section is preceded by a short summary of appropriate formulas whose total number exceeds 300. The answers to all of the problems are given at the end of volume...
Keywords: physics, problems, solutions, mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodyanmics, optics; mir publishers moscow; physics; problems; general physics; mechanics; Physics
Downloads: 20,978 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Plotting Graphs (Little Mathematics Library) - G. E. Shilov
In this booklet we shall consider some simple methods of plotting graphs from given formulas. We shall be dealing here with graphs of a different kind, with graphs that must be plotted from given mathematical formulas. A need for such graphs often arises in various fields of knowledge. Thus, in analysing the theoretical course of some physical process, a scientist obtains a formula yielding some magnitude with which he is concerned, for example, the amount of product obtained relative to time...
Keywords: mathematics; little mathematics library; mir publishers; plotting; graphs; functions; numbers; axes; coordinates; formula; algebra
Downloads: 323
[texts]Solving Equations in Integers (Little Mathematics Library) - A. O. Gelfond
The book is devoted to one of the most interesting branches of number theory, the solution of equations in integers. The solution in integers of algebraic equations in more than one unknown with integral coefficients is a most difficult problem in the theory of numbers. The theoretical importance of equations with integral coefficients is quite great as they are closely connected with many problems of number theory...
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; equations; algebraic equations; second degree; two unknowns; number theory; functions
Downloads: 344
[texts]Complex Numbers and Conformal Mappings (Little Mathematics Library) - A. I. Markushevich
The book acquaints the reader with complex numbers and functions of a complex argument (including Zhukovskyâs function as applied to the construction of a wing section). The material is presented in a geometric form. Complex numbers are considered as directed line segments and functions as mappings. To prepare the reader to such an understanding of complex numbers, we begin with a geometric interpretation of real numbers and operations on them...
Keywords: mathematics; little mathematics library; mir publishers; complex numbers; conformal mappings; cartography; Zhukovsky's function
Downloads: 397
[texts]Fundamental Laws of Mechanics - I. E. Irodov
Fundamental Laws of Mechanics was first published in English by Mir in 1980. Currently there is 2002 reprint still in stock from CBS Publishers.The objective of this book is to draw the readers’ attention to the basic laws of mechanics, that is, to the laws of motion and to laws of conservation of energy, momentum and angular momentum, as well as to show how these laws are to be applied in solving various scientific problems...
Keywords: mechanics, physics, netwon's laws, momentum, relativity, conservation, angular momentum; irodov; mir publishers; physics; moscow
Downloads: 2,462
[texts]Godels Incompleteness Theorem (Little Mathematics Library) - V. A. Uspensky
 Few discoveries have had as much impact on our perception of human thought as Gödel’s proof in 1930 that any logical system such as usual rules of arithmetic, must be inevitably incomplete, i.e. , must contain statements which are true but can never be proved. Professor Uspensky’s makes both a precise statement and also a proof of Gödel’s startling theorem understandable to someone without any advanced mathematical training, such as college students or even ambitious high school studen...
Keywords: mathematics. logic; godel; incompleteness theorem; mir publishers; propositional calculus; deductive theory; algorithms
Downloads: 385
[texts]Method of Coordinates (Little Mathematics Library) - A. S. Smogorzhevsky
The booklet deals with a fundamental method of analytical geometry and its ability to describe geometrical figures through equations. This method permits geometrical study and solution of geometrical problems by algebraic means, thus making a visual representation of complex spatial configurations superfluous. Considerable attention has been devoted to the question of representing geometrical figures through equations, which is often difficult for those who being to study the method of coordinat...
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; coordinates; figures by equations; geometrical problems; straight lines
Downloads: 327
[texts]Elements of Game Theory (Little Mathematics Library) - Ye. S. Venttsel
This book treats in a popular manner the elements of game theory and some methods for solving matrix games. It contains almost no proofs and illustrates the basic principles with examples. To be able to read the book, an acquaintance with the elements of probability theory and calculus is enough. The book is intended to disseminate the ideas of game theory which have practical economic or military applications.
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; finite games; game theory; infinite games; matrix game; minimax principle; solving games
Downloads: 389
[texts]The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (Little Mathematics Library) - L. A. Kaluzhnin
In this booklet, Prof. Kaluzhnin deals with one of the fundamental propositions of arithmetic of rational whole numbers â the uniqueness of their expansion into prime multipliers. Having established a conncetion between arithmetic and Gaussian numbers and the question of representing integers as sum of squares, Prof. Kaluzhnin has shown the uniqueness of expansion also holds in the arithmetic of complex (Gaussian) whole numbers...
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; arithmetic; diophantine equations; fundamental theorem; gaussian numbers; gcd; prime numbers; whole numbers
Downloads: 331
[texts]Systems of Linear Inequalities (Little Mathematics Library) - A. S. Solodovnikov.
The book tells about the relation of systems of linear inequalities to convex polyhedra, gives a description of the set of all solutions of a system of linear inequalities, analyses the questions of compatibility and incompatibility; finally, it gives an insight into linear programming as one of the topics in the theory of systems of linear inequalities. The last section but one gives a proof of duality theorem of linear programming...
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; analytic geometry; incompatible systems; linear inequalities; linear programming; systems; convex polyhedra
Downloads: 273
[texts]The Monte-Carlo Method (Little Mathematics Library) - I. M. Sobol
Everybody had at some moment used the words âprobabilityâ and ârandom variableâ. The intuitive idea of the probability (considered as frequency) corresponds more or less to the true meaning of this concept. But as a rule the intuitive idea of the random variable differs quite considerably from the mathematical definition. Thus, the notion of the probability is assumed known in Sec. 2, and only the more complicated notion of the random variable is clarified...
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; statistics; monte carlo method; numbers; probability; proofs; pseudo random; public lectures in mathematics; random; simulations; variables
Downloads: 318
[texts]Fascinating Fractions (Little Mathematics Library) - N. M. Beskin
This booklet is intended for high-school students interested in mathematics. It is concerned with approximating real numbers by rational ones, which is one of the most captivating topics in arithmetic. ⦠Continued fractions represent one of the most perfect creations of 17-18th century mathematicians: Huygens, Euler, Lagrange, and Legendre. The properties of these fractions are really striking. The following should be borne in mind when reading this booklet...
Keywords: little mathematics library; mathematics; mir publishers; archimedes' number; archimedes' puzzle; continued fractions; convergent fractions; fractions; Nonterminating Continued Fractions; nonterminating fractions; olympiads; Puzzle of Pope Gregory XIII; Quadratic Irrationals
Downloads: 348
[texts]Matter and Man - M. Vasilyev, K. Stanyukovich
Man is calculatingly inquisitive. As soon as he discovers a new law of nature he tries to exploit it for his own ends. Having discovered the secret of lightning bolts he uses it to produce electric light. Having learned the laws of river flow he digs irrigation canals and impounds artificial lakes which affect the very climate of whole regions. He has harnessed the power of nuclear fission of uranium and will soon learn to tame the thermonuclear reactions which heat the sun itself...
Keywords: This entry was posted in astronomy; books; history; mir mir publishers; physics; science; soviet; technology; cosmic clouds; explosion; fields; jets; plasma; universe; vacuum
Downloads: 194
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